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Who we are

A QuantTrading, Research, Artificial Intelligence consultancy and technology firm bringing Trader, Researcher, Prop Trading firm, Broker and Investor in to one platform.

What we do

We are specialised in quantitative Trading, Discretionary/Swing Trading, Data Sciences, Artificial intelligence and Technolgy

We are a team of quants, AI scientist, data scientists and software engineers.

Our experts have years of experience in top tier Investment banks, Asset management firm, hedge funds and prop trading firm.


Quantitative Trading

Our Consultants have years of experience in quantitative trading working for top tier Investment banks, hedge funds and prop trading firm. The process starts with analyse & model various asset markets & produce trading signals for a number of different assets based on Machine Learning prediction algorithms. Models analyse Big Data from more than 12 different data sources of Fundamental, Market data & news and produce exact trading signals for individual assets or clusters of assets with high probability of success focusing more on low and mid-level latency.

Discretionary and Swing Trading:

Our Consultant have highly experience in Discretionary & Swing Tradingin different asset classes in global market. Use both technical and fundamental analysis to analyse price trends and patterns and look for trading opportunities. Holding period spreads over a period of a few days to several months.

Technology and Software development:

Our team can provide you greatest cutting edge technology framework suitable for your need. Our technologist have experience in C++, Java, C# and Python programming language and can provide you a modern tool for Trading, Trading desk set up, broker API set up and son on.

Broking Services

We provide broking facilities. We have tie up with several broker on various asset classes in different exchange globally.

Back Testing Platform

We provide cutting edge tools in Python, R language and excel for analysis of market over the history. We provide a full proof user friendly back testing platform to back test your strategy. Also we have tie up with several back testing platform provider globally.

Quant Alpha : The Future of Trading


Our people make us exceptional.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates for below profiles!

Quantitative Trader, Quantitative Researcher, Systems Engineer, Data Scientist and Developers

email: career@quant-alpha.com


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We educate Trader, Researcher, Prop Trading firm, Broker and Investor about Quantitative and manual trading, Setting up trading desk, Broking services, Historical data providing, Managing portfolio and so on.

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A Quantitative Trading, Research, Artificial Intelligence and Technology Consultancy firm.

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Before engaging in any trading activities, you should understand the nature and extent of your rights and obligations and be aware of the risks involved. All securities and financial product transactions involve risks. Where Quant Alpha provides hypothetical representations of what the technology has achieved in the past, this has been done with the greatest know-how, data and expert technology that is available, but still, Quant Alpha cannot guarantee that these results have any likelihood whatsoever of being achieved in future. Where records have been provided of how the software has performed on management’s own accounts, whilst these are an accurate and true record of what has taken place in the past, they are not necessarily indicative of future results – the future is as unknown to Quant Alpha management as it is to anyone else.